Mr De Zoysa has developed extensive experience with some of the latest in cutting edge techniques and technologies to aid in both your diagnosis and surgical treatment. These include:

  • Minimal access ‘Keyhole’ techniques

  • Endoscopy, Microscopic and Robotic Surgery via natural openings (incisionless)

  • Advanced energy devices for controlling bleeding during surgery with minimal blood loss

  • Neuromonitoring - Using equipment to monitor nerve function and help protect important nerves

  • Coblation surgery – A new device which uses plasma to dissolve tissue at a lower temperature than a laser or diathermy. Mr De Zoysa primarily uses this for selected tonsil and adenoid surgeries. Patients experience less pain and bleeding than traditional methods. It is an excellent technique for children with sleep apnoea, tonsil stones and for snoring surgery

  • Laser surgery – useful for the treatment problems such as polyps or early cancers with an extremely precise cutting beam